PHYSIOMED Physiotherapie Christine Kögl

The Physiomed Physiotherapy Practice is based

in Center of Warsaw and was established in 1993
by Physiotherapist Christine Kögl.

Our mission is to provide top quality manual
and active therapy with an emphasis
on patient education.

We treat all injuries and problems related
to the muscular and skeletal-spine systems of the body.

We have a special interest in rehabilitation following
orthopaedic surgery, neck or back injury, disc problems,
fractures and sports injuries.

As a member of the GolfPhysioTherapy European Association
we are striving to help golfers to excel their potential. We
achieve optimisation on both physical and anatomical level,
so the "swing" will be like never before. 

At Physiomed Physiotherapy Practice we recognise
the importance of correct ergonomics in today's workplace.
Ergonomic and workplace advice is part of our therapy.