PHYSIOMED Physiotherapie Christine Kögl

Work station assessment / Ergonomics

Ergonomic assessments by the Physiomed Practice are performed in your offices, and each user of workstation is assessed individually. The ergonomic review initially establishes whether the workstation user is sitting at their desk in a way that might cause problems. Then through a process of discussion, training and adjustment, suggestions are made to improve the ergonomic use of desk equipment, including the desk itself, chairs, PC screens, keyboards and mouse, and any other equipment that is used day to day. In this way potential stresses on workers are reduced, allowing them to be more comfortable in their work.

Sitting in a position that puts your neck and back under strain for long periods of time is a common cause
of back problems and pain. As your muscles tire your posture often deteriorates, and training in the way
to use your office equipment ergonomically is an excellent way to overcome this. By sitting with individuals
and making careful recommendations, van't Hof physiotherapists find that overall spinal strain and
discomfort can be improved, reducing the recurrence of neck and back problems. The interaction
of physical positioning at your workstation and the arrangement of equipment like your keyboard
and mouse can often be improved to avoid repetitive strain injury (RSI).

It does not matter how good (or expensive) a work set up is if the employee does not understand
how to use it.